The Ease of QuickBooks with the Power of Costpoint

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We're enhancing your Costpoint user experience

Astrata was designed to shine light over our client’s financial landscape. By directly connecting to Costpoint, we can provide the ultimate user experience. 

Our solution provides clean, simple, drag and drop features that have been designed to save you time and make your job easier.

Astrata features include enhancements for:


Quickly create projects, bulk upload new projects, sync all project data from Costpoint into our new interface.


Connect your banks, credit cards, and third party softwares with Costpoint. See your data in real time.


Create employees, bulk upload new employees, syncing all employee data from Costpoint into our new Astrata interface.


Easily find and filter your balance sheet and income statement.


Quickly add your vendors and export vendor files.


Simply track, edit, add, and export customer data.

Credit Cards

Connect Costpoint and credit card data seamlessly. Eliminating data entry and improving reconciliation.


Seamlessly integrate bank data. Integrated banking allows for simple transaction processing and proper cost accounting.


Book travel with a direct integration for faster expense report processing and compliant travel booking.